We find the risks, then eliminate or minimize them.

A liability expert applies industry-specific experience to identify and minimize your exposure to practice and regulatory liability. Our extensive background in the death care industry has enabled us to develop highly effective procedures to avoid and mitigate risk.

First – We perform a detailed analysis of all areas of your funeral home or crematory. This includes the physical facility, your business procedures, how you manage documents, and human factors that might impact your exposure to risk.

Second – We tell you. As we communicate the potential hazards we’ve identified, we recommend the best methods and processes to correct them.

Third – You receive the tools and systems to make you proactive in pinpointing potential losses and dealing with them. Our proprietary approach includes guides, sample programs, and checklists.

Fourth – We provide your staff with comprehensive training materials and host seminars to teach them to identify risk. The more they understand what to look for, the more they will care about potential impact on the business and work to minimize it.

Fifth – You call it aftercare. We call it staying with you. If you desire, we can provide ongoing support and supervision to assure systems work properly and procedures are carried out completely.