Do you know where the dangers are? We do.

As specialists in funeral home risk management and cremation risk management, we know there are dozens of ways to incur liability… and suffer for it. Our services can help you prevent loss and reduce your exposure to lawsuits and regulatory penalties.

Risk Management Consulting

Many funeral homes do not have extensive risk management systems in place because, quite simply, they’ve never needed them in the past. But in today’s highly litigious society, it’s essential to have processes in place to limit your exposure to liability.

We are experts in identifying areas of risk, and developing systems to minimize it in all facets of your operation:

  • Operational risks – cash and document management, audit trails, contingency planning
  • Health and safety risks- prevention of slip & fall, chemical handling, and compliance with OSHA and other state and federal regulations
  • Fraud and theft prevention - anti-fraud, identity theft, employee theft
  • Cremation - from receiving the body to identifications and authorizations to delivering the cremated human remains to the family, due diligence and careful tracking is required in every step of the process

Our five-step consulting process allows us to identify areas of exposure, evaluate them, and give you the tools to correct them.

Staff Training

In any business, risk prevention should be everyone’s concern. Your staff can be the first and best defense against liability issues. Our comprehensive training programs show them how to recognize and address potential areas of risk.

Expert Witness Services

When you need us most, put the power of experience to work for you. Whether you need an expert testimony, advice in disputes, or support in arbitration and litigation, we are at your service in this important capacity.